TNC Predator of the Philippines handed previously undefeated BOOM Esports their second straight loss on Friday, jumping into a tie for 2nd location midway through Week 3 at the ONE Esports Dota 2 SEA League.

TNC (3-0-2, 11 points) swept BOOM (2-2-3, 9), taking the first map in thirty minutes on green and the 2nd in 34 minutes on red. TNC moved into a tie– with a match in hand– together with NEW Esports (3-1-2, 11), who were credited with a win by forfeit following last month’s withdrawal of Execration.

BOOM lost for the second successive day after going into the week without a defeat.

In the day’s other match, Truth Rift (2-2-3, 9) drew with Geek Fam (1-1-2, 5). Geek Fam declared the opening map in 34 minutes on red, but Reality Rift won the second in 37 minutes on green.

The tournament started with 10 groups from Southeast Asia. Seven groups got invitations, and three groups reached the occasion through 2 qualifiers.

The round-robin group stage runs through July 12, with all matches best-of-two.

After Execration’s withdrawal, one extra team will be removed throughout the group phase. The leading 4 groups will advance to the playoffs’ upper bracket, and the 5th- through eighth-place teams will move on to the lower bracket. The double-elimination playoffs will be held July 15-19. Playoff matches are best-of-three until the last, which is best-of-five.

Week 3 play continues Saturday with NEW fighting Geek Fam and Group Adroit taking on BOOM. Neon Esports will pick up a surrendered win against Execration.

ONE Esports Dota 2 SEA League standings, with match record (W-L-T), video game record and points, through Friday:

1 Fnatic, 4-0-1, (9-1), 13 T2. TNC Predator, 3-0-2, (8-2), 11 T2. BRAND-NEW Esports, 3-1-2, (8-4), 11 4. T1, 3-2-1, (7-5), 10 T5. BOOM Esports, 2-2-3, (7-7), 9 T5. Truth Rift, 2-2-3, (7-7), 9 7. Neon Esports, 1-2-3, (5-7), 6 8. Geek Fam, 1-1-2, (4-4), 5 9. Group Adroit, 0-1-4, (4-6), 4 10. Execration, 0-8-1, (1-17), 1.

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