The eSports Integrity Commission is launching an investigation into professional CS: GO games. The organization is looking into prospective cheating as far back as 2016.

Just recently, the eSports Stability Commission sniffed the suspensions of 3 coaches on ESL. Particularly, the coaches of Tough Legion, MIBR, and Heroic got sanctions for cheating. ESL noted they were using a viewer bug that permitted a complete view of the map.

By doing so, the groups got an excessive advantage. ESIC is now checking out reviewing all games and footages considering that 2016.

ESIC released a formal investigation to take a look at all events under their umbrella because 2016. In a post on their official website, they detail their reasoning, including broad methodology. The viewer bug’s expansiveness and absence of detection made it a practical cheat.

Now, the organization is checking out all instances of usage for the glitch to enhance rankings. History of the problem indicate its possible usage starting in 2016. Since ESIC came into presence only in 2016, they are ready to go that far back.

” ESIC thinks that detection, direct exposure and punishment of any entity associated with unfaithful in esports remains in the best interest of competitive stability, and, eventually, the interests of the industry,” stated the post.

” After careful consideration of the volumes of material available to ESIC for review, we have reason to believe that exploitation of the Spectator Bug by other parties than those already approved, might have existed traditionally. Appropriately, ESIC has decided to develop an inquiry into the exploitation of the Spectator Bug dating back to 2016.”

The eSports Integrity Commission is looking into a shotgun approach to finding coaches who made use of the bug. The inquiry itself is substantial, incorporating as lots of as 25,000 demos. The analysis will go in reverse and will utilize AI and human eyes to check, beginning in 2020.

Based upon the proof they find, ESIC notes that penalties will be case to case. They will be appropriate to the official partners of the company. Some of these will consist of ESL, DreamHack, and BLAST.

Due to the area of the investigation, ESIC will provide monthly and quarterly reports. Their findings will have an appeals process for people who think the accusations are incorrect.

A concession duration will last till next week, September 13. During this time, coaches can self-report in exchange for leniency. Furthermore, they can get their sanctions minimized or expunged if they do self-reporting.

Ex-Ninjas in Pyjamas head coach Faruk Pita has actually currently provided himself up. He confessed to utilizing the make use of in a November 2018 ESL Pro League match. The eSports Stability Commission into more of this in the coming months.