Following a really strong performance last semester, Winthrop Esports groups are preparing for another successful season.

” We were really successful last season, so we’re not gon na attempt to change up the formula excessive. We generated some new gamers, we have actually updated our roster, we seem like we’re in position with a great deal of these games to compete for championships,” stated Head Coach Josh Sides.

Though the team is concentrated on wins this season, that isn’t their only goal.

” One objective that we constantly have in addition to winning is continuing to develop the right culture and be there for each other. That’s something that we pride ourselves on here at Winthrop,” Sides stated

The League of Legends team has actually already started competitors, beating Kilgore College 2-0 in its very first match this previous Saturday. The Eagles ranked as high as fourth in the ESPN College League of Legends coaches survey last spring throughout the group’s inaugural season.

The Rocket League team will be competing in CRL (Collegiate Rocket League) qualifiers starting on Feb. 4, but the Overwatch and Valorant groups are currently awaiting the release of their schedule for this semester.

“We’re still waiting to hear back from Blizzard (the designer of Overwatch) on what that season is going to look like. I know there have been some concerns about whether or not they are going to have a season, however it sounds like they’re going to,” Sides stated.

In addition to the brand-new gamers on the lineup, a Super Smash Bros. group has actually been included this term.

“It’s type of a different animal. It’s the very first video game we’re using consoles– very first combating video game that we’re doing. It’s a very intriguing medium due to the fact that it’s quite one-on-one instead of a team-based dynamic,” Sides said.

“We’re finalizing our 5th gamer and the lineup must be launched quite quickly after that,” Sides said.

Although the Super Smash Bros. group is brand-new to competition, the players are all existing Winthrop students.

“We already have an excellent Smash presence on campus with some truly great gamers, [so] we didn’t feel the requirement to go out and bring in additional players,” Sides said.

“If there’s anyone on school that is possibly interested in playing, we are looking for a seventh gamer for our Rocket League group who could be a substitute. And for our Overwatch group we’re looking for a player as well,” Sides stated.