While we’ve continued to cover the rise of esports as an emerging force in the competitive video games market, the rise in appeal and adoption of it have started to grow significantly. Some of this has to do with the COVID-19 pandemic, with esports first taking the place of shut-down IRL sporting occasions and after that cementing its position as a seeing spectacle practically perfectly developed to be taken in from house. But the reality is that the development and rise of esports was happening prior to the pandemic and was always going to continue its rise, with professional sports companies leaping on board, and significant marketing and apparel gamers in the sports world leaping in also.

But one significant milestone that has actually eluded esports so far has actually been to be included in significant local and global competitors. The Olympics, for circumstances, has apparently thought about including esports to its video games, but previously there has been a great deal of shade thrown on the topic by IOC officials also. That’s why it’s somewhat noteworthy that the Asian Games in 2022 will include esports as a medal event.

Organisers of the Asian Games that are anticipated to begin in Hangzhou, China in 2022 have announced that they will make esports as a main medal event, marking a historic moment in the field of competitive video gaming.

In case you were wondering that such an addition happened all of an abrupt, it in fact wasn’t. In the previous Asian Games that were kept in Jakarta in 2018, esports was included as a presentation sport, including competitors between six popular games– Arena of Valor, Hearthstone, League of Legends, StarCraft II, Clash Royale and Pro Development Soccer 2018. At this occasion, China claimed two gold medals while Indonesia, South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong took one gold medal each.

In other words, while esports have actually had occasions in the Asian Games formerly, this is basically the codification for their addition by making them main medal events. This is significant because the Olympics tends to integrate the trend lines for what video games to include from these smaller sized, local global competitors. Does that mean we’ll absolutely see an Olympic medal esports occasion in 2024? No, not certainly.

But the wise money would certainly be on seeing such events in the Olympics eventually, and most likely in the near term, given the increasing popularity of esports.