Razer is aiming to keep the esports momentum entering the Southeast Asian area, setting up the very first SEA Invitational including three games in DOTA2, Mobile Legends, and PUBG.

Esports is among the fastest growing events in the world and is maybe among the only couple of ventures unaffected by the ongoing global pandemic.

In truth, now looks like a prime oppportunity to get more individuals into esports or simply computer game in general.

Razer is looking to keep the esports momentum entering the Southeast Asian region, putting up the very first SEA Invitational featuring 3 games in DOTA2, Mobile Legends, and PUBG.

“We are lucky that video gaming is an electronic platform and the community has actually dealt with no difficulty adjusting to the requirement to move platforms online – after all, it’s electronic sports for a reason,” Razer ESports Director David Tse said in an unique interview.

“Razer has been at the leading edge of that change with the SEA Invitational qualifiers and finals to be held totally online, and professional athletes will be completing in the security of their houses,” he included.

Video game streams and tournaments typically draw huge viewership, and the current stay-at-home policies need to only broaden already-established figures.

“We are at the forefront of online tournament capability, bringing esports to more video gaming audiences,” Tse said.

Esports making its official debut in the 2019 SEA Games last year offers the sport a substantial spike in regards to reliability.

Eventually, Esports should be huge enough to be an actual medal sport in the Olympics, the most prestigious sporting event worldwide.

“With the variety of the countries in the region, in addition to the development of their respective esports federations, we have actually handled to develop the basics of a regional platform to offer various levels of esports professional athletes the chance to contend for their nations,” Tse stated.

“The crucial knowing we have is to continue to enhance the preparation and positioning with the federations, making certain that they all have an equivalent voice to this platform of ensuring inclusiveness and fairness, and likewise supporting the objectives of the federations to develop esports in their country as an acknowledged sports,” he included.