Natus Vincere signed the FlyToMoon gamers on a trial basis previously today. However since that Dota 2 roster was currently invited to ESL One Germany 2020, the tournament organizers have decided to alter things up for the occasion.

ESL will send out a direct welcome to among the closed qualifier groups trying to make an area in the event to replace FTM now that those players will represent Na’Vi, the tournament organizer revealed today.

Essentially, among the initial 4 teams that would have received a direct welcome to the closed qualifiers will now get a free pass to the primary occasion.

This will likewise open another area in the closed qualifiers, which indicates more groups will have a chance to complete for among the 4 offered qualifier areas in the primary bracket. That spot will be chosen by an additional slot being available for groups contending in the 2nd open qualifier, which begins today.

Here are all of the groups set to compete in ESL One Germany prior to any additional teams being welcomed or locking in qualifier spots.

The final group to get a direct invite will be revealed shortly, while the closed qualifiers for the occasion, which will choose the remaining four groups, begin on Sept. 25.