The players will have more time to rest and get ready for matches, while ESL and DreamHack will have more time to concentrate on stories.

ESL and DreamHack have unveiled their strategies to hold eight ESL Pro Tour tournaments on LAN in 2021, the competition organizers revealed today.

The number of events has decreased by 2 for what ESL and DreamHack had actually prepared for 2020 prior to the coronavirus pandemic began around the world. The modifications will allow the tournament organizers to concentrate on storytelling and will also offer the teams more time to prepare for the matches, according to ESL and DreamHack.

The ESL Pro Trip 2021 calendar will begin with IEM Katowice in February, among the ESL Pro Tour’s Master events, and will end with an IEM tournament in Asia in December. The tournament organizers will keep monitoring the coronavirus circumstance and will make modifications if required.

In the last few years, the over $250,000 ESL and DreamHack tournaments happened throughout one week, usually from Tuesday through Sunday. In 2021, however, these tournaments will be held over two weeks with a break period between the group stage and playoffs.

The competition organizers believe this change will benefit the players, who will have a “lower density” of matches, offering them more time to prepare– and they’ll likewise spend less time far from home, according to ESL and DreamHack. “For our competitions it suggests we will now have much more time to be able to produce premium content, tactical analysis, hype trailers and actually focus on the storylines of Counter-Strike,” the tournament organizers said.

There will be a new ESL Pro Trip studio for 2021, which will have a total facilities for the teams and talent members and will likewise follow the “highest possible COVID-19 precaution.” The main hub will host all the group phase matches and might be used as the playoff stage if the arena can’t be used due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The competition organizers said the brand-new format will use up 24 weeks of the 2021 calendar. The ESL Pro Trip events and the player break will leave 21 weeks open up to other tournament organizers, which can reduce to 15 in case there are two CS: GO Majors next year.

Other tournament organizers are expected to respond to ESL and DreamHack’s announcement soon, according to HLTV. Thorin, Flashpoint’s innovative director, called the schedule “beyond a joke” in a Twitter post.