EA Sports let fans know this week that when Madden NFL 21 is launched, there will be a Day 1 patch that removes Washington’s branding. If you haven’t been watching sports news the previous couple weeks, and we can’t blame you if you haven’t because there’s hardly anything going on right now, you might have missed out on the reality that the Washington Redskins have revealed they will be changing their team name to something else. Its been something that individuals have actually demanded for years, but it was only recently after Nike got rid of all their branding from their site and sponsors like FedEx and Pepsi threatened to take out of the 2020 season as sponsors did the change actually come about. A horrible life lesson, but one to discover, that modification does not take place to business unless money is involved. The team announced on Twitter that they will be changing the name, but they have yet to announce what it is yet. That, however, is not stopping others from removing it for them.

In a declaration to Kotaku, a rep for EA Sports attended to the modifications with their upcoming game, to which they exposed that no matter what takes place, the name will be gotten rid of from the game with a Day 1 spot.

” We are pleased to see Washington’s decision to alter their group name and visual identity,” the associate said. “We are rapidly working to update Madden NFL 21 to include a generic Washington team, while we await final word on the upgraded team name and logo style.”

” Modifications to the name and logo will come through title updates that will download automatically,” the EA representative discussed. “The very first changes will be available to our EA Gain access to players and will include audio/commentary updates; movement graphics and discussion updates; stadium art, environments, crowd gear and signs updates; and uniform updates. Gamers might continue to see some obsoleted Washington recommendations in other locations of the game at launch, however we are committed to getting rid of all of those from the game in extra title updates coming shortly after launch.”

So essentially, even if the logo and name is sluggish coming, the team will simply be altered to “Washington”, however when the day comes they unveil the new name and logo design and group colors, EA Sports will have the ability to update it pretty quickly.