Hey, at least one part of E3 remains undamaged in 2020! Thursday night marked the debut of EA Play 2020, which usually is held in a hot parking lot in Hollywood and this year was held in Andrew Wilson’s surfboard space.

Anyway, EA kept it to a tight 45 minutes, and a huge chunk of that was spent hyping up older games that concerned Steam earlier in the day. We have actually rounded up the few brand-new video game announcements listed below however, including news of Skate 4, new Star Wars: Squadrons video, It Takes 2, and Lost in Random.

Wait, did I state Skate 4?

Peak Legends

Okay, not the most interesting start maybe. Peak Legends continues to truck together with Season 5, and I’m sure it’s still an excellent game and everyone likes it. However damn it, I came here for the brand-new video games. Anyway, Pinnacle quickly detailed a “Lost Treasures” occasion starting on June 23. Likewise, Mirage is getting a statue of himself as a weapon, which is pretty damn fun.

The most significant news: Pinnacle Legends is coming to Steam this fall and gaining cross-play throughout all platforms. Possibly I’ll lastly keep in mind to play it sometimes.

It Takes 2

I missed Josef Fares. It’s been a few years given that our preferred loud-mouthed auteur’s been allowed out and about, with his studio’s An Escape released in March 2018. Like An Escape, Hazelight’s brand-new task is pushing cooperative mechanics to the forefront. Titled It Takes Two, we didn’t see much in-game video footage, but I can’t wait to see what Fares and Co. have in store for us. I didn’t even like A Method Out that much, however I respect it.

Lost in Random

” It’s a coming-of-age story, set against the backdrop of a strange world.” Like It Takes 2, we didn’t see much of Lost in Random. The Fe follow-up is still early in advancement. That stated, I enjoy the art style. It advises me of claymation classics like Problem Before Christmas, and the anthropomorphized board game pieces are extremely charming.

Rocket Arena

Rocket Arena still feels really unusual. They just … took the concept behind everyone’s favorite Quake mod and made it a video game. Didn’t even change the name. I suggest, Dota 2 definitely set a precedent, but it still feels weird. If you’re trying to find a new hero-based shooter though, Rocket Arena’s got an unique mechanic and design. It certainly looks like they’ve spilled some Fortnite in this Quake mod, however I like the grappling hook a minimum of.

Star Wars: Squadrons

We currently saw Star Wars: Squadrons on Monday … for some reason. Yes, one of EA’s only genuine announcements, dropped 3 days prior to this occasion. That weirdness aside, today’s showcase was a bit more substantial. We got some honest-to-goodness prolonged game video, both the singleplayer and multiplayer.

EA validated the campaign will cover both the New Republic and Empire, so it’s essentially your X-Wing and TIE Fighter successor in one bundle. The ship interfaces look delightfully chunky, with readouts covering speed, ammo, and more. I’m still not persuaded this is as simulator-heavy as X-Wing, however it’s closer than I anticipated. The multiplayer modes look quite much like you ‘d anticipate, particularly if you’ve played Battlefront II’s space fights. I’m still curious whether 5-on-5 suffices gamers, but besides that it looks like a solid dogfighting game.

And hello, with complete VR assistance, maybe this will be the big-budget follow-up to EVE Valkyrie that I’ve been waiting on. I’m really curious what the campaign cinematics will look like in VR, that’s for sure.

Fifa/Madden 2020

Any other year, Fifa and Madden would get a cumulative shrug from me. “Hey, EA still makes sports games,” right? However this year it’s in fact unusual that EA is making sports video games, since there are no damn sports. I do not know how you make Madden 21 when you’re not even sure there will be a football season in 2020-21. It’s just … strange.

The Buzz Reel

Keep in mind that time EA held an E3 interview and was like “No, we’re completely working on more video games” and revealed us a lot of video footage from Maya? Well, they did it again. EA Play 2020 “ended” on a weird buzz reel for EA’s next-gen video games, with odd models for DICE’s next project, a teaser for Dragon Age, and more. So uh … that exists.

Skate 4

And then they exposed Skate 4! I suggest, they did it in the exact same silly “We’re making a video game and we can’t even reveal you anything” manner in which they provided for Dragon Age and DICE and the rest. But oh wow, Skate 4! After a whole generation of individuals talking about every Instagram story and Twitter post EA made, they finally did it!

Obviously, if you can’t wait … three? 4 years? There’s constantly Skater XL and Session. The latter even has a Skate-inspired control scheme for converts. But hey, a genuine Skate 4! We did it!

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