In all # FaceToF4C3 we always state that the visitor is extremely special. We are not tricking anybody, they really are all extremely unique. However in the one that you are going to see listed below we have the existence of Eric ‘Diablo’ Murillo, among the veterans of the sector, who presently leads the KPI Video gaming Operations Directorate.

Diablo, who obtained the nickname from the famous Blizzard game, has been devoted to esports for twenty years. He began extremely early, at the age of 12, and in the competitive game he began to stick out at 14. In the very first tournament he played he achieved got 3 wins in three different games: WarCraft III, Counter-Strike and Call of Duty. It’s unthinkable today, however there was another age in esports.

Eric does not think twice to point out that although he does not have a preferred team, in addition to KPI Video gaming, he does have a couple of clear recommendations in the sector. The first one is G2 Esports, where the figure of Ocelot stands apart, and the 2nd 100 Burglars.

Work on KPI Gaming has been largely interrupted by the arrival of the pandemic. It is something that has actually taken place to all clubs. Diablo tells us in the interview that the group has big prepare for 2021, however they don’t understand when they will trigger. Everything will depend upon the development of the coronavirus. He is very clear that he does not wish to expose anybody to the infection which he prefers to wait to present something in a hurry.

Completely immersed in the management of a club and the importance of the competitive and influencers within a company, Diablo was extremely forceful.

Not only are content creators necessary for the operation of a club, but, in their viewpoint, are vital for the operation of esports.

Diablo also informs us in this interesting interview how the competitive sector remains in Spain. On whether it is essential to be in the Super League Orange wave circumstance of the national CSGO. KPI is still unclear if the Valve shooter will follow in 2021.

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