Losing the first video game of the series is a new custom for DWG KIA.

DWG KIA reverse swept Hanwha Life Esports 2-1 today in the fifth week of the 2021 LCK Spring Split in among the very best series this split.

The series featured high-level plays from both groups and was among that most anticipated matches of this week. While HLE led by Chovy in the mid lane has actually been making furors recently in the LCK, DK had a huge showing throughout this split, revealing no remorse versus their opponents. While they are presently on a seven-game winning streak, they’ve shown signs of weak points in the last 2 series, which could be exploited by other groups.

The MVP votes were picked up by Canyon and Ghost. Both players were the primary driving force in DK’s wins versus HLE. Canyon utilized Graves to make use of the weak early game composition from his opponents, completing the video game with a 7/1/5 scoreline. Ghost used a fasting Senna in the second video game to great success, securing more than 140 souls for his passive and dealing the most harm in the match.

This hyped up League of Legends series started with an explosive first video game where both groups traded blow for blow since the start. While HLE picked up early gold leads and dragons, DK kept a strong existence even while behind. They were always objecting to goals and providing HLE a hard time in completing the video game. In the end, DK fell after HLE chose up the Cloud Dragon Soul and used it to run their opponents down with the additional motion speed.

In the 2nd video game, there was a big Canyon distinction between the junglers with DK having the benefit of having Graves in their composition. After a couple of excellent early video game plays, DK snowballed out of control and equalized the series after the first game loss.

The third game was the closest with both groups being even in gold for many of the video game. HLE got an early lead and preserved it for a long period of time up until DK’s composition came online in the mid-game. As soon as Ghost’s Senna got enough stacks, he became a threat to deal with and carried teamfight after teamfight for his team. After an Elder dragon teamfight win, DK completed the reverse sweep.

DK (9-1) stay in sole position of top place 2021 LCK Spring Split after this win. They will be back next week with 2 matches versus Liiv SANDBOX and T1. Both groups looked uninspired this split and should not prove to be an obstacle for DK.