Duke vs. North Carolina: Ranking the last 24 conferences of heaven Devils, Tar Heels

This is precisely what the heading states it is. And while there’s less buzz for Saturday’s iteration of the best competition in college sports, Duke-North Carolina has never stopped working before. Especially lately, whenever Roy Williams’ and Mike Krzyzewski’s groups get together, enjoyable things usually happen.

These entirely unarguable-with rankings take everything into factor to consider: the players, the moments, the stakes and the larger story surrounding both teams. In other words, they’re perfect. (Just kidding, sort of. I expect the remarks to be flooded with alternative orders.).

Enough chit chat. Let’s enter into it.

24. No. 3 Duke 69, North Carolina 53 (March 9, 2013, Chapel Hill).

Never ever an excellent sign when ESPN’s video game wrap-up features the word throttled. However that’s exactly what happened. Seth Curry hit his very first 7 shots, Duke led by 25 at the half and the Tar Heels never ever got within 8 points.

23. No.