A set up post on Dr. Mundo’s upcoming visual gameplay upgrade was all of a sudden released ahead of time on League of Legends’ main Brazilian website, detailing the champion’s different visual upgrades.

The team behind Mundo’s rework detailed the three primary goals relating to Mundo’s rework: updating his aim to much better fit League’s current art design, enhancing his base ability set however maintaining his bulkiness, and to keep him as a basic champion to play.

Focus was put on making the character more vibrant and having more layers of personality. While Mundo is clearly scary as a crazed, brutal, and vicious “physician”, he’s also a semi-living, strolling caricature, as evidenced by his new tower assaulting animation.

The basic champion also had simple results, and effort has been made to made his change more overblown than previously. Now, his chemically-enhanced rage renders him huge enough to quickly rupture out of his clothes, and bathed in an unhealthy, sickly green glow.

The Rageborn Mundo skin was likewise showcased, with the Doctor happily flaunting his new hairdo and a lighter, more structured set of armor.

Dr. Mundo will continue his mindless rampage and practice, and it appears like he’ll just look more stunning than ever doing so.