Could voice comms contribute to a better solo line experience?

The League of Legends community has always been divided on whether Riot Games ought to execute in-game voice interaction for ranked solo video games. Super star AD bring Doublelift has taken a side in the dispute, stating that the solo queue experience would be enhanced if voice comms were put into the video game.

” I believe League would really be way more fun to play,” Doublelift stated during a duo stream with assistance Biofrost. “There will obviously be the periodic HELP gamer, however overall, it’s gon na be so much better, I think.”

He quickly discussed how it would be simpler to inform players what they were doing incorrect and how to repair it. Many individuals in his chat disagreed, however, due to the widespread toxicity problems that pester almost every aspect of the video game’s ranked scene.

There are plenty of problems that could increase up from presenting a voice interaction system for solo line due to toxicity, but the upsides can not be neglected either.

Teamplay and communication could be improved significantly since gamers have the ability to talk to one another to plan ganks and teamfights. In greater elos, this can assist individuals improve their map understanding and macro abilities, considering that mechanical skill should be relatively similar at high ranks like Diamond, Masters, Grandmasters, and Opposition.

Some individuals on the League subreddit likewise mentioned that voice comms could “humanize” gamers, so that people would be more ready to talk things out and strategize, rather of seeing their colleagues as random faceless people they can flame without effect.

Before Riot thinks about putting in voice comms, nevertheless, they need to improve their system for dealing with hazardous gamers. Even without voice comms, players aren’t frightened to abuse their colleagues in chat and by throwing video games, which needs a long-overdue repair.