The “DOTA 2” universe is growing as the franchise gets its first anime adaptation series on Netflix next month. The program will introduce a new story focusing on the adventures of the dragon knight Davion and Princess Mirana.

‘ DOTA: Dragon’s Blood’ plot: What to expect

Netflix and “DOTA 2” developer Valve amazed fans with the announcement of the “DOTA: Dragon’s Blood” anime series on Tuesday. Fans of the widely popular multiplayer online fight arena (MOBA) video game are finally seeing Davion without his head armor as the new program informs a story focusing on his adventures.

While the free-to-play title’s gameplay is not narrative-driven, in-game “DOTA 2” heroes have their backstories. “DOTA: Dragon’s Blood” will then fill in that gap as the fantasy series will revolve around the experiences of Davion.

Davion, or just called DK by lots of devoted “DOTA 2” players, appears to be the show’s primary lead character. The official description of “DOTA: Dragon’s Blood” mean the plot focusing on his adventures in satisfying his dedication to eliminate the evils of the world. However he will ultimately recognize that his missions become part of something larger upon fulfilling an ancient eldwurm and Princess Mirana, who likewise has a “secret objective” to finish.

In the game, Davion is a melee strength hero who can deal damage to opponents with a nuke and a stun relocation. Mirana, on the other hand, is a ranged dexterity hero that helps to ambush, attack, and ward off enemies. It is yet to be seen if the heroes’ skill sets will also be reflected in the anime adjustment.

‘ DOTA: Dragon’s Blood’ release date, episode count

“DOTA: Dragon’s Blood” is produced by Studio MIR, along with Ryu Ki Hyun, popular for their works on “The Legend of Korra” and the “Voltron: Legendary Defender” Netflix adjustment. “X-Men: First Class” screenwriter Ashley Edward Miller has actually been named the showrunner of the anime adjustment. Miller explained the “DOTA 2” adaptation as having an “psychological and adult-oriented” plot.

Unlike many Netlfix announcements, the unveiling of “DOTA: Dragon’s Blood” will quickly be followed by the show’s premiere on the streaming platform. The anime series will be launched globally on March 25 with eight episodes.