The yearly Dota 2 tournament is the record holder for the biggest eSports reward pool. It seems like The International 10 (TI10) is going to exceed the previous record.

Fans of the game add to the reward swimming pool through the video game’s battle pass. Earnings of the battle pass go to the reward pool. This means that the competition reward is growing larger every day.

In comparison to The International 9, TI10 is already $3.6 million larger. This is within the exact same amount of time that the TI9 battle pass has actually been launched.

The current surge of the increase was credited to the Immortal Treasure II launch.

Dota 2 fight pass works by enabling players to get sets as they level up. Nevertheless, that is not the only method to level up. Gamers might purchase levels for a possibility to unlock sets.

But, this is where Valve makes its earnings. The treasure chests are a loot box system. There is no assurance that an unusual product is included in a treasure chest.

What do players do to increase the opportunity? Purchase more levels. This is the main reason that the prize swimming pool grows each year.

The Immortal Treasure II set consists of famous items for popular heroes. It is one of the reasons why gamers want to invest a lot of money to open the sets.

These treasure sets include a lot of in-game skins for a number of heroes. Here is the total list.

One thing that makes these skins desirable is they are untradeable. These skins stay unique to battle pass owners up until the next The International.

The Dota 2 neighborhood is disappointing signs that it will stop quickly. The present pattern is revealing an excellent indication for Valve and the neighborhood.

If the existing trend continues, The International 10 will climax as soon as again. It is currently in the second place as it overtook the Fortnite World Cup.

There is more time for Valve to launch more Never-ceasing Treasure. The business has actually chosen to hold off the tournament at a later date. It will be kept in 2021 instead.

However, it is still unpredictable if the fight pass will continue until 2021 or it will stop once the prize swimming pool breaks the record.

There are 2 sides to this situation. If the battle pass continues, it might reach the $50 million mark considering how huge the game is.

But, there is a downside to it. It may break the reward swimming pool record quickly. It also suggests that it might be the long-standing record holder after.

The International 11 prize swimming pool may have a tough time capturing up if the TI10 prize swimming pool continues to grow.

Nevertheless, if Valve decides that the battle pass will be at a particular point only, then the reward pool record by TI11 will be easier to beat.

Either circumstance is a great one for Valve and the Dota 2 competitors though. The higher the prize pool, then the more cash is divided to the winners. Valve will likewise earn a lot more from this.