The launch of The International 10 Battle Pass in Dota 2 brought the return of guilds, but the system is doing not have some severe material moderation as lots of guilds include racist names or explicit images.

The guild system permits up to 50 players to sign up with a guild in order to chat together, play together and try to earn points through specific guild difficulties that levels up their guild. A comparable feature was removed from the video game years ago, however fans have been asking for a return for a while.

Anybody who purchases a Fight Pass is able to create a guild for others to sign up with, and anybody can sign up with a guild an invite others to it. However, there are some concerns with the existing system, as players are complimentary to name their guild and set its avatar and banner as they pick.

This has actually resulted in many guilds that include straight-out racists names, and others that have explicit images as their avatar. There appears to be little to no moderation from Valve on this point.

To make matters even worse the welcome system will show the name and avatar of the guild on your screen. This suggests that if you are welcomed to a less than appropriate guild you will be revealed the specific image and racist name.

One of the most thigh profile cases of this originated from Dota 2 caster and streamer Michelle “Moxxi” Tune, who was streaming at the time she was welcomed to a guild. The guild in concern featured a racist name and a specific image, which were both revealed on stream with little that Tune could do.

While it has actually given that been discovered that you can block guild invitations by utilizing the “dota_guild_ignore_invites 1” command in the console it is a less than perfect method to deal with the circumstance, as many Dota gamers will not understand this alternative exists and lots of also do not know how to utilize the console. The reality this is not a setting in the primary settings menu is a major problem.

Anybody is currently able to send you a guild invitation by default, so celebs in the world of Dota are suffering the a lot of because of this, with numerous high profile streamers being targeted while broadcasting. Nevertheless, typical players have also reported having the very same concerns, being targeted with inappropriate guild invites after playing a match with members.

Valve is yet to discuss the problem, but you have to presume that they will be adding some kind of filter faster rather than later on in order to suppress this problem.