In spite of being released nearly a decade earlier, Dota 2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) continue to retain an extremely loyal following in regards to audience engagement for esports occasions that are streamed on Twitch. Their gamer base may have diminished in recent years, however the data also reveals that Twitch viewers are gravitating towards more casual content.

According to a report by Esports Charts, Jerk audiences in general prefer daily broadcasts compared to esports broadcasts. Stats reveal that since June 2020, both online and offline tournaments have collected only around 10 million unique audiences, which is around 10% of all people who hung out enjoying broadcasts.

When you look at the leading 10 most popular Twitch classifications by hours watched (HW) for the third quarter of 2020, 5 of them – Simply Chatting, GTA V, Amongst Us, Fall Men and Minecraft – are not competitive esports titles.

Dota 2 isn’t even a part of this list as it only handled to garner 108.7 million HW and 374,000 peak views, but it is the leader in terms of audience engagement. More than every third audience occasionally sees esports of this discipline and the majority of these viewers come from the CIS area.

In contrast, League of Legends, which is without a doubt the most popular esports title on Twitch right now, has an audience engagement of 30.18% in spite of generating 794,000 peak audiences and 201.6 million HW.

Comparable to Dota 2, the individuals seeing CS: GO on Twitch are likewise the ones who are most passionate about esports. With an engagement rate of 34.13% and more than 8 million viewers, the esports HW for CS: GO makes up practically 50% of the overall HW this quarter.

So, in spite of what cynics claim, Dota 2 and CS: GO are not dying video games as long as fans continue watching tournaments, and as long as organizers continue arranging them. The two games’ audience rates are extraordinary, considering the truth that other more “stylish” esports titles just handle to clock in a rate of between 11.5 and 24 percent.