In some cases it can take a while to find matches in Dota 2. But when you get kicked from matchmaking or finished matches do not appear in your play history, that’s when you understand things are bad.

Players have actually been reporting concerns linking to matches for several hours today. Valve has actually verified that a network concern is causing Dota’s Game Organizer to be unresponsive for numerous gamers.

The Video game Planner is just the extension utilized to move connections to numerous servers and help with video games in the Dota 2 customer. When that service stops working, the video game can become actually unplayable for much of the Dota player base.

Right now, many players are reporting the coordinator is getting stuck while filling matches, stating something along the lines of “looking for the Dota 2 game planner.” There was a huge spike in reports starting at 6pm CT on June 16 and the concerns have actually continued today.

To make sure the issue isn’t your own connection, attempt to play a practice Solo game with bots. When you link and verify that you can run around the map and communicate with opponents, liquidate of the match and attempt to link to a multiplayer video game again.

If that doesn’t work, Valve is working on a repair, but you’ll be playing at the threat of losing all match information if you sign up with a game right now. So if you finish a video game and do not get credit towards a guild contract or do not see the game in your play history, the issue is still continuing.