MANILA, Philippins – Veteran Dota 2 caster Tobi “TobiWan” Dawson is under fire after multiple claims of sexual harassment and attack surfaced on social networks.

Dawson tried to provide himself as an ally to the victims after fellow caster Grant “GranDGranT” Harris was removed from Evil Geniuses following several harassements and unsuitable conduct towards females in the video gaming community.

This backfired. Cosplayer Meruna remembered how the then 26-year-old Dawson made the most of her naivety in 2011. In a declaration, Meruna, who was then 18 years of ages, said she was “a child with no concept of consent, red flags or friends-with-benefits.”

“We were playing a safe video game of ’20 questions’, or what you will call it. You understand, ‘Have you remained in love?’ and so forth. His last question was ‘How many inches do you think I am?’. I said ‘Oh, like your body height?’ This need to suffice to reveal you that I was a dumb/innocent kid with a crush,” she added.

YouTuber and streamer Ashnichrist also shared an instance where Dawson made inappropriate sexual developments versus her.

In reaction, Beyond The Summit co-founder and fellow caster David “LD” Gorman they would no longer be dealing with Dawson.

Video gaming company Valve also decided to drop Dawson’s voice lines from The International 10 Fight Pass.

Troels “syndereN” Nielsen, who is in a long-lasting relationship with Meruna, likewise stated in a tweet that he will no longer associate himself with Dawson.

Nielsen and Dawson are an iconic casting duo who shot into fame in 2012.

People from the gaming neighborhood, consisting of those who Dawson dealt with for years, rallied behind Meruna.