CHENNAI: As La Liga rebooted after a prolonged Covid-induced break in the early hours of Friday, the league president Javier Tebas satisfied a select group of journalists from throughout the world online, to talk about the way forward.

TOI was the only Indian publication present throughout the interaction, where he spoke about the economics of Liga, how the authorities are planning to deal with the Covid circumstance, the fate of the big-money transfers, bigotry in football and more.

Excerpts …

Fate of the group if a player tests Covid favorable ahead of a match?

The team will not go into quarantine – the gamer or gamers concerned will be separated and kept in quarantine. While the match will happen with the gamers readily available, they will be evaluated at the end of the video game. On the other hand, tests will be carried out on players discovered favorable after 2 days and if they are found favorable again, further tests will occur after 3 days. But in the current situation, we are not preparing to delay games.

Any sanction on gamer if there is a protocol offense?

We can’t discipline the players but we have informed the groups about the protocols and I think the clubs comprehend the gravity and they are maintaining the procedure even in practice. I have actually heard that players have been barred from practice and financial penalties imposed if they have broken protocol. The obligation is on the gamers and they need to attempt to keep a check on parties, barbecues and so on

. Return of the fans to the stadium?

Fans are important to the sport. However right now it is important that the ball rolls again. However after 2 weeks, we will talk with the Spanish federal government and analyze the circumstance. By the end of the season, we are wanting to have at least 10-15 percent of the fans back in the stadium.

Fate of big-money transfers like Neymar (from PSG to Barcelona)?

Do not think there will be big money deals at the end of this season, so it is difficult to see the Neymar transfer happening. There will definitely be less motion in the transfer window, however of course there will be some however that will include more swap deals than money deals … In fact, the Liga will take about two seasons to come back to where it was economically.

Any plans of stopping again if there is a spike in Covid cases in Spain?

We are not believing on those lines and the way the circumstance is at the moment, it is not likely that there will be an impressive spike in the variety of cases. Never ever till now did we believe that we would call off the Liga. There has been a great deal of viewpoint drifting around as to what ought to happen if the Liga is cancelled, however we have not even thought on those lines … In fact, I would state France was wrong to cancel their league as early as they did.

About the next season?

Whatever be the case, our next Liga season will begin with September 12. Yes, there will be groups playing in European champions, and if requirement be they will begin their season a couple of weeks later.

La Liga’s plans to handle bigotry?

We have actually always been extremely stringent about bigotry. When there were reports that Inaki Williams (of Athletic Bilbao), who is a black, was racially abused, we took procedures to find out the perpetrator and even went to the level of proposing prison sentence. We have actually also closed mean racist behaviour and will continue to keep zero tolerance on the problem.