It’s another match of 2 of the NFL’s leading young quarterbacks Sunday when the Miami Dolphins and Tua Tagovailoa host the Los Angeles Chargers and Justin Herbert. Here’s how The Post sports staff sees it playing out:

Joe Schad, Beat Author

The Chargers find ways to lose. The Dolphins discover methods to win. Tua Tagovailoa spins the hype maker out of control, with three goal passes. Brian Flores is irritated by the nationwide attention and love, but hey, Miami enhances to 6-3. Miami causes another quarterback sack/fumble, this time battering Justin Herbert.

That win in Arizona revealed me something. Specifically, this is not a fluke. The Dolphins have actually discovered how to win method faster than anyone had a right to expect. But: In spite of their record, the Chargers took the Saints to overtime and put a scare in the Raiders. This won’t be easy.

What makes today much more intriguing – other than the Dolphins entering the season’s second half prepared to make a playoff push – is the 5th (Tua Tagovailoa) and sixth (Justin Herbert) picks of the draft are now leading their groups. Herbert has been solid, but the group has not. Tua has done all that he’s been asked and the group is on the upswing.

Another week, another fight of two of the NFL’s increasing young quarterbacks. Oh yes, novices Tua and Justin (no surnames required) already are leading the offense for their respective teams. Distinction is that the Dolphins likewise are playing well on defense where the Chargers have been collapsing in the second half.