The Miami Dolphins’ next turn taking the field will be numerous months into the 2021 offseason. The Dolphins discovered last night that their playoff hopes were slashed– not that the team was worthy of to get in after the egg they laid in Buffalo to begin with. However while the Expenses loss will sting deeply, it serves as the exclamation point on what these Dolphins need to do differently and who they require to become as compared to who they are.

You are what your record says you are: the Dolphins are a 10-win group in 2020. However there are more than one groups out there with better pure skill than the Dolphins, even some that didn’t necessarily log 10 wins this season. But the Dolphins, who are entering into their 3rd offseason with Chris Grier and Brian Flores at the helm, are worthy of absolutely nothing but credit for how rapidly they’ve infused talent into the Miami lineup.

In 2019 the Dolphins were bad and required excellent fortune and had zero margin for error to win the five football games that they did.

In 2020? The Dolphins are a far more talented group, however there’s still an untapped tier to accomplish. Look at Miami’s 6 losses this season:

2020 Miami Dolphins’ 6 losses:

5-11 Denver Broncos (Away) 7-9 New England Patriots (Away) 12-4 Seattle Seahawks 13-3 Buffalo Expenses (Away) 13-3 Buffalo Bills 14-2 Kansas City Chiefs

Two thirds of Miami’s losses in a 10-6 campaign have come against groups with 12 or more wins now that the season has actually come to a close. The Broncos video game was a roadway contest that unquestionably worked as a disappointment game and the Patriots captured Miami in Week 1 without any tape on their new offense. The finest teams on Miami’s schedule this year, the Dolphins couldn’t beat.

Credit to the Dolphins for the wins they did gather. There were some magnificent impressive ones: including the 10-6 Los Angeles Rams, the 8-8 Arizona Cardinals and the 8-8 Las Vegas Raiders. But that’s the general theme of the season: the Dolphins were more disciplined and better geared up to take on fringe playoff groups or worse. However the elite groups on Miami’s schedule still persistently beat the Dolphins– a suggestion that this upgraded Dolphins roster is still in just their 2nd year of a rebuild. There’s more space to grow. And the Dolphins need to embrace that if they’re going to return in 2021 with a vengeance.