During a Twitch livestream today, Quan “dicey” Tran shared his ideas on being changed by previous CS: GO pro Ethan Arnold on the 100 Thieves VALORANT lineup.

Earlier today, Evil Geniuses parted ways with Ethan, leaving lots of fans puzzled about his sudden departure. Soon after the announcement, however, 100 Thieves exposed Ethan is joining its VALORANT lineup and will replace dicey moving on.

In a Twitch livestream today, dicey discussed his point of view of the circumstance and said he understood it from an organization viewpoint. Ethan has years of experience and thinks he does not require to be assisted by the older players.

” Everybody on the group has CS: GO experience and understands a great deal of stuff currently,” dicey stated. “Since Josh and Hiko are older, they do not have time to teach me and stuff like that.”

Dicey did confirm he appreciates the decision and asked his fans to not “provide anyone hate.” He stated he understands the choice and that Ethan has a lot to use to the team.

Despite the problem, Dicey is still young and has actually accomplished a lot in his competitive profession. Fans will likely see his return on a different roster in the future.

Dicey signed up with 100 Burglars in October alongside Asuna. Both gamers formerly bet Immortals and were the young talent designated to round out the lineup. The team carried out fairly well and won the VALORANT Descent on: North America tournament.

However the group has yet to get approved for the very first VALORANT Champions Trip Masters event and is running out of chances to secure a spot.

100 Burglars will complete in the VALORANT Champions Trip North America Phase 1: Oppositions 3 centerpiece on March 4. This is the final opportunity to qualifier for the Masters 1 occasion, which will occur March 13 to 14 and 19 to 21.