The Detroit Lions stunned the sporting world over the weekend with reports exposing that the company plans to shop their 12-year veteran quarterback, Matthew Stafford, essentially putting him on the trade block. And the Lions figure to have a lot of suitors as franchise quarterbacks are an unusual commodity in the NFL.

However in order to make the move, the Lions will look for fair-market value in exchange. Which’s where the hang-up might be. What is the worth of a future 33-year old franchise passer coming off back-to-back injury-plagued seasons?

Value is truly in the eye of the beholder. But we prepare for a bidding war between several interested parties that will pump up stated worth. Therefore, we wanted to create 5 different trade situations we could see occurring with five various NFL teams. And we’ll begin with …

Analysis: Washington is a clear prospect with a major requirement under center. And while they did win their division last season, the NFC East was the worst division in the NFL. And Washington hopped over the goal for the crown with a 7-9 record.

Of all the locations, this may be the most unappealing to Stafford himself. While Washington has a strong head coach now in Ron Riveria, it was only his very first year with the organization in 2015. And while the team may have the most dominant protective line in the NFL, they are still in need of an injection of talent nearly everywhere else on their lineup.

Washington would likely have to overpay to obtain Stafford, which would bode well for Detroit. However for Stafford, it would leave him on another sub.500 group with a load of needs and, all of a sudden, a lot less draft capital to address them.