Astralis’ revealed acquisition of Patrick “es3tag” Hansen in late March stunned many in the expert CS: GO scene. The move, reliable July 1 when es3tag’s contract with Heroic expires, appeared on the surface to mark the start of a brand-new approach in CS: GO that had only been gone over theoretically: actively switching players in and out of the lineup. Astralis’ search for gamers didn’t end with es3tag, either, as they continued looking for more players to contribute to the roster. Every decision because then has led to an increase of my sources hearing contrasting reasons as to why a lot of changes have actually occurred.

Obtaining Jakob “JUGi” Hansen didn’t come as a surprise behind the scenes because reports of Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander stepping down circled for the much better part of 2 weeks. While the majority of I have actually spoken to aren’t second thinking gla1ve’s motivation for stepping back, some believe it isn’t a guarantee that he goes back to the lineup following his three-month hiatus. Others near the Astralis camp keep that there is no concern he will return and allow them to pursue their seven-player roster idea later in the summertime.

Andreas “Xyp9x” Højsleth stepping down less than 2 weeks after gla1ve was a surprise to everybody, including Astralis management. While I do not believe that he would ever be unethical about why he stepped down, other knowledgable sources aren’t so sure burnout is the only reason. The exact same reliable sources who feel gla1ve might not return also expressed that Xyp9x might do the same. Once once again, though, sources near the Astralis camp are adamant that despite the fact that Xyp9x’s break is technically open-ended, he will return before gla1ve.

A couple sources in particular discussed the players originally pitched for time far from the game a couple months back as a group, but the idea was disallowed by the company. That decision is what some have actually said prompted gla1ve and xyp9x chose to take matters into their own hands so they might get time away from the game. Picking to sit out now while all matches in CS: GO are played online would then allow them to return to play well before travel resumes.

Over the previous month, it has actually become clear that the fact most likely lies somewhere within each extreme. Maybe the continuous grind and development that brought Astralis 3 straight Majors simply wore on two of their veterans. They could return in a couple of months and get where they ended from an excellent 2019. What if, though, there is something cooking behind the scenes that will lead to these gamers signing up with another company by the time we get to 2021? Just time will actually inform what is going on behind closed doors in Denmark, however the contrasting information I’ve received surrounding this team is unlike anything I’ve come across in some time.