This is Part 2 of DeKay’s month-to-month mailbag series where he answers questions concerning Counter-Strike: Global Offensive sent out in on Twitter.

There has been interest in both from what I’ve been informed however the 2 of them will have offers in Valorant also to mull over. It comes down to who they wish to play with and what game they want to play, more than anything else.

Their coach and Golden have actually said on separate occasions that they have no interest in attempting to make a six-man roster work. For that reason, since they have actually been looking for a replacement for a couple of weeks now, I think the very best assumption is they are replacing someone on the roster.

I have not heard anything however that might change in an immediate like it normally does. I’m just unsure which direction they would go to make a move. Particularly hard given that many individuals are wishing to return to offline play at some point in 2021.

No news, regrettably. I would love for him to discover a solid location to play but the quantity of skill within the CIS region has teams hanging on to their younger skill over someone like him.

If they aren’t talking with the ex-Chaos guys then I have no idea what they’re even doing. No rumors just yet, but there is still time prior to they would need a lineup in location.

I don’t think that will take place. It appears like the possibilities of the MIBR team to stick with the company are getting slimmer each and every day. If that takes place, there is no warranty the lineup remains together either. FURIA needs to make their move initially and then it will probably produce a small shuffle of some kind.

From whatever I’ve been told, they are dead set on Fallen and do not plan on differing him unless they are required to. They’ve been experimenting him for a while now and I do not see how the offer does not get done.

At this point, I believe ENCE fans ought to expect them to move away from an all Finnish lineup. Whatever I have actually heard therefore far indicates that happening unless all other chances fail. They likely desire to lock down an in-game leader as soon as again and match them with some worldwide talent.

I have actually not heard reports about anything like that occurring, but it’s not completely out of the question. From what I have actually been informed, Twistzz will likely sign up with a job that currently has a foundation so that he can jump in and instantly supply some impact. That’s what he’s used to and how he would probably be most important.

It’s still no warranty they choose him, however if they do, I have no concept who it will be for. Different sources have said different names, so I do not have anything I can really trust. I likely will not know till they do make a change here soon.

I actually do not expect it due to the unidentified that exists with Valorant. I believe practically every professional gamer there fears the possibility of leaving just watching it blow up while they lose out. CS: GO is basically an understood amount and I don’t expect Valorant gamers to change to it till both are recognized quantities. Even then, it will come down to the state of the expert scene.