This is Part 1 of DeKay’s month-to-month mailbag series where he responds to questions regarding Counter-Strike: Global Offensive sent in on Twitter.

I wouldn’t state something really bad took place. They are simply all professionals that pertained to a fast but sincere conclusion that it wasn’t going to work well. There is no reason to squander anyone’s time when you can confidently inform this holds true.

Feel confident that almost every lineup in EU with an opening has most likely connected to him. FaZe has definitely inquired however does that suggest it’s for sure going to occur? No. It’s primarily going to be up to him to decide where he wishes to play more than anything.

From what I have actually been informed, Junior is still in their plans. I anticipate him to wind up joining unless something new turns up. We will understand for sure pretty quickly.

I haven’t heard one way or the other yet. Considering they had a fantastic core of gamers, them moving on methods I don’t expect them back. It’s hard to get your hands on gamer like BnTeT and autimatic, so I’m not really confident for their future here. Ideally I’m incorrect though.

No. Expect him to link with his former teammates at Extremum.

Not truly. Really few agreements end in the Spring. A majority are expiring right now as we reach the brand-new year. I make certain there may be a couple, however none that come to mind.

Sadly, without that source the story is dead. It was important to have that info and I don’t think I can discover it elsewhere. In fact, I understand I can’t discover it in other places due to the fact that I’ve tried. I’m hoping I can still publish it in 2021, we’ll see.

I haven’t heard anything however I’m enthusiastic for him. It has actually never been more difficult to get an in-game leader today and he could definitely do that for someone at a qualified level.

A little of both really. Autimatic is going to have tempting deals from Valorant, while the rest of the guys will have good deals individually in CS: GO. I think the least most likely choice is them sticking though, barely anybody is wanting to invest that kind of cash right now. They ‘d need to get a big discount rate.

Ottond and Snappi have a couple terrific deals from what I have actually been informed, also some deals occasionally for the other men. A bulk of them must find brand-new homes before play resumes, in my opinion.

I have actually not heard rumors, however we are at a point in which they’ll probably wish to make changes if they can not take that next step early next year. The difficulty is, many teams want to play LAN again before composing off their lineups today. How quickly we get to do that might speed up or delay what takes place with groups. I will say, there is just too much talent in the CIS area for Na’Vi to remain contented.

Asking them to go back to Significant last type implies finding their brand-new Aleksib. From what I’ve heard hence far, the options they are considering aren’t rather as good. I anticipate them to replace about 3 gamers in total.

I’m curious myself. He is a fantastic skill and his signing to a better global or North American team is long past due. I wish I knew why he has yet to sign up with a brand-new team. Possibly COVID threw a wrench crazes and we will see it in 2021.