There was a point in Saturday’s fourth quarter, when Kyrie Irving, James Harden and Kevin Durant were on their method to scoring every Brooklyn point versus the Miami Heat– all 32 of them in the quarter– that Irving stated later on, “That’s who we can be.”

What’s better than having these 3 fantastic players on the same group?

Oh, I don’t understand, a ham sandwich?

Let me say this prior to entering the Internet’ gooey lab experiment and the entertaining manner they’ve drawn all NBA attention to this two-game set against the Heat Saturday and Monday:

I’m rooting versus them.

This isn’t some homer concept involving the Heat. Nor is it a termination of how excellent Brooklyn can be as evidenced by its 128-124 win against a diluted Heat team Saturday night.

It’s about Brooklyn’s culture of self-indulgent ideas. I’m all for players maximizing their worth and directing their professions. However the league, the fans, the specific teams are helpless against Harden’s shake-down in getting traded and Irving’s strange antics extending now throughout three franchises.

Another thing: Stop with comparing The Webs’ Big Three to the Heat’s Big 3. The only overlap is the number. The world might’ve disliked the Heat’s Big 3 with LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. They over-celebrated their arrival. They flaunted their rings.

However the Heat’s Big 3 got here appropriately through totally free firm, brought themselves as pros, respected the game, set a pattern of free-agent players selecting their groups and– here’s the winning point for real basketball fans– elevated the complete video game of basketball. They each were two-way gamers. Offense and defense.

These Webs? Harden sulked his escape of Houston. Irving has played the majority of this season on Zoom in some strange mix of virus procedure and individual time. Durant left a champ in Golden State to have his “own group.”