MADRID – Brazilian footballer Dani Alves spoke about the importance of a society that positions itself versus racism during a roundtable conversation at the ‘WFS Live’ online forum.

” I think people are forgetting that before being a football player or professional athlete they are humans. We ought to place ourselves as human beings, and not as football or basketball players,” Alves said.

” We are going to actually protect causes since if not, they continue. It is the very same thing that occurs when there is a catastrophe throughout the world, everyone ends up being involved and the problem is fixed,” the Sao Paulo player added.

Alves commented that we reside in a “self-centered” society and contacted everyone to unify in this fight: “I am going to continue to strongly promote the bringing together of individuals, of athletes. I take a stand when I have to, when I have to reveal my viewpoint.”

” There has to be a collective conscience, it is an international concern. Everybody has to unite, make an effort,” the protector said in a discussion with Brazilian previous football player Edinaldo ‘Grafite’ Batista and moderated by reporter Glenda Kozlowski.

Alves also described the behavior of clubs, which he believes ought to play a more activist role and be more extreme with individuals who commit acts of bigotry, and of other organizations.

” I think federations in Brazil need to join, that they must stop being self-centered and believing about themselves and the cash that sport can bring them, and start believing about those people they are representing. You ought to utilize all the power that sport has,” Alves said.

For his part, Grafite stated “when I started, I did not have the independence I have today. When you are a recognized player, it is simpler for us to decide. However for those who are beginning and still do not have a name, it is hard. I speak from within football. I do not understand about other sports.”

” It is challenging to stand in a team sport. Football is very political; it is hard for players to come together and organize an occasion. As quickly as a group starts not playing well or loses, the gamer spends for it. Football has a part that is political, that limitations players to take sides off the pitch,” he stated.

The Brazilian forward said he hoped that current demonstrations were having a result. “Now, with the movements that have actually been begun worldwide, the fight versus bigotry is going to be fairer. A window has opened and I believe it’s not going to ever close.”