DAMWON Video gaming star leading laner Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon has actually effectively gone through surgical treatment for his collapsed lung, and is all set to join his group in Shanghai for the 2020 World Championship.

The other day, DAMWON exposed the 21-year old experienced some health problems following the LCK Summer season Finals against DRX– after a check out to the healthcare facility, he was diagnosed with a collapsed lung that required immediate treatment.

According to a translation by Korizon’s Ashley Kang, Nuguri was even attempting to fly out with the rest of the team to China on Sept. 11. After discussing things with the group, however, they all concurred it would be much safer for him to take a trip the following week on Sept. 18.

” Many fans have been concerned at the unexpected news,” DAMWON stated on social networks. “Nuguri is recuperating extremely promptly, and the team is supporting him in every way possible. We hope this announcement can put our fans at ease– please continue supporting us. We hope all of our fans remain healthy, always.”

This is excellent news for DAMWON fans, who have seen Nuguri turn into one of the most dominant top laners in the LCK. Many individuals had a quite huge scare when the news of his health hit, so his family and friends need to be alleviated to see he will be fine.

Nuguri will be signing up with a DAMWON roster that entirely ran over the LCK this past summertime. The team just lost 2 video games through the regular season, and swept DRX in the Grand Finals. Nuguri also had a fantastic season stats-wise– this summertime, he boasted the fourth-highest eliminates in the league, sky-high early video game laning stats, and the highest damage numbers in his function.