Damwon Video gaming defeated G2 Esports 3-1 in the semi-final of the League of Legends World Championship earlier today. The persuading success from the Korean team offers them a location in next weekend’s grand last, marking the very first time a Korean group has reached the final of Worlds because 2017.

After a lot of hype entering into the match between G2 and Damwon, the actual result was rather underwhelming. Damwon seemed in control of the match for most of the match, only really mistaking in game two where G2 lastly looked like they could compete in the match.

Game one was a dominant performance from Damwon, who left to a flying start and never ever truly let up. G2 might just muster up six kills in the game, while Damwon racked up 22 and made the win appearance extremely simple.

Video game 2 was a comparable story however in the other instructions, with G2 having a significant lead from the mid-game that they never slowed down. Damwon did keep it even for a while, however ultimately, G2 pressed to the win to even up the series.

While video game 2 used some hope for G2 fans, it seemed that Damwon found out a lot from the loss, as they came out for video game three looking unphased by the previous game. G2 once again struggled to get anything going, and every early attempt they made to be aggressive was reversed by Damwon, penalizing the tiniest of mistakes. Again it was a simple win for the Koreans.

Anyone wanting to see a complete finest of five match had their dreams squashed within the opening minutes of video game four. Damwon straight up outplayed G2 in the early video game, securing an enormous gold lead very early on and selecting off G2 players quickly. With an underwhelming draft from G2, which needed a hyper late-game scenario to have a real chance after the bad start, this game was effectively over by the 15-minute mark, and it didn’t take wish for Damwon to push on through and take the overall win.

With the 3-1 win over G2, Damwon gaming has secured a place in the grand last of the League of Legends World Champion, becoming the very first Korean group to make the final given that 2017. Damwon will deal with off versus either Top Esports or Suning who play each other in the second semi-final tomorrow. The grand final is set to happen on October 31 and will be free to see on Twitch and YouTube.