DAMWON Video gaming removed G2 Esports in an extremely dominant style, getting vengeance for being eliminated throughout the last League of Legends World Champion by the European behemoth.

Going into this rematch the odds protested G2 due to how dominant DWG were throughout the whole year. They had among the most dominant divides in LCK, completely crushing the opposition. The solo laners of Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon and Heo “ShowMaker” Su popped off this series, outmaneuvering Wunder and Caps from the G2’s side in every single video game.

The series started with a surprise flex Lucian into the bottom lane by G2. This strategy didn’t settle nevertheless with DWG looking prepared for such a method. DWG’s Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu took over the game early on from the jungle, snowballing his teammates and closing out the first game of the series with no concerns.

After the terrible loss in the very first game, G2 selected the red side which looked like a big error for the 2nd match. DWG were on a substantial winstreak on the blue side and were viewed as the favorites to win it.

However, once the video game began G2 played like heroes, beating DWG in all lanes. They got an early lead and maintained throughout the whole game, stopping DWG’s blue side 25-game winstreak.

In the next two games, DWG changed their preparing stage, baiting out G2 into picking certain champs and then countering them with surprise choices. This method worked out fantastic, enabling DWG to secure the next video game win and putting the series at match point in their favor.

After being damaged in the 3rd video game G2 understood that their Worlds run is getting close. They pulled out five comfort choices in all lanes with a hope to endure LCK’s squashing might. However, they weren’t able to deliver with DWG dismantling them in one of the fastest video games during this year’s League World Champion.

G2’s competitive run is over this year. They didn’t look as dominant as the previous year and weren’t viewed as among the favorites to win it all. Even after taking down Gen.G in a clean 3-0 sweep last week, everyone was questioning whether they ‘d have the ability to take down DWG as well, who are on an entirely various level.

DWG will deal with the winner between Suning and TOP Esports next week on Oct. 31. Will LPL protect their third title in a row or can LCK get back into the driver seat. Tune in to discover who will rule supreme throughout this year’s World Champion at 4am CT on Saturday.