The Dallas Mavericks have not played a game considering that March 11. That night the NBA suspended the season due to the fact that of the novel coronavirus. The gamers have not even had a practice because that night.

Things may be altering, though. The momentum appears to be moving towards a return featuring a “campus” environment in Orlando in July. Details are not locked in at this moment. The NBA might just restore the playoff teams. It appears less most likely every day that all 30 teams will be playing in Orlando. Fans can check out the latest news here.

The Mavericks will become part of the return. They currently sit seventh in the Western Conference and are ensured a spot. News broke on Wednesday that makes it appear the NBA is one action closer to returning.

The Mavs revealed that gamers might begin voluntary workouts at the group’s practice center on May 28.

There are just a handful of groups that have not opened back up yet. Owner Mark Cuban wished to make sure it was safe and correct procedures were being taken prior to opening the center. The reality that the Mavericks are allowing exercises to take place most likely implies in charge has some assurance that video games will be played in short order.

Marc Stein also reported this on Wednesday.

That is very important for the Mavericks because both Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis went back to their home countries during the NBA’s suspension. No word yet on when they will be revived, however they have the clearance to do so.

Mavs fans ought to be delighted. Basketball appears likely to return this summer. That suggests they will get their shot in the playoffs. It will not be a conventional postseason, however the experience will be very important for the young Mavericks. Stay tuned for more updates as they appear.