A Cyberpunk 2077 mod provides the entire game a nostalgic visual overhaul. State hey there to Night City set in the disorderly world of Pandora with this Borderlands-style mod. The mod is presently offered on Nexus Mods under a modder named “Salmo”.

Welcome to Futuristic Pandora

The simple mod adds a visual filter to existing Cyberpunk 2077 graphics. All of a sudden, all the futuristic weapons seem that much more familiar offered their identifiable Borderlands radiance. The brief showcase video showed a number of combat scenes with the filter in location but up until now has actually ignored to reveal if the filter works on cutscenes.

The Borderlands 2077 mod provides a semi-return to the unforgiving tundras of the world Pandora with new cel-shaded opponents to shoot. Gamers shooting through enemies with the visual mod is an amazing method to explore and delight in the lots of areas of Night City.

Undoubtedly, the mod includes leverage to an amazing video game pestered with several issues with its console ports. The video game overwhelmed with the unfavorable press reception could absolutely use enjoyable mods. Imaginative mod creators make sure that there’s no shortage of imaginative mods. Some examples include the capability to play Cyberpunk 2077 on the Nintendo Change or in a Third-Person viewpoint.

Thankfully, CD Projekt Red doesn’t forbid its gamers from producing mods for their game. The sheer alternative to mod the game opens it as much as more creative expression from the devoted fanbase. Undoubtedly, players continue to craft and establish more interesting mods for the newest action RPG.

Several players came across bugs with the mod however the creator has revealed that these have actually been brought to his attention. Subsequently, players anticipating to have fun with this mod might need to wait while the final problems are addressed.

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