OG are just one series away from being eliminated from playoff contention at ESL One Birmingham Online after suffering their third-straight loss.

A number of the leading European Dota 2 teams in Group B have been humbled by newer rosters, consisting of Cyber Legacy, who enhanced to 4-2 after liquidating a difficult series win over OG today.

CL may have an excellent record however they have actually likewise played more games than any other team in the whole event, going 10-8 overall with two days delegated play. Every series that Nikita “Palantimos” Grinkevich and his team have actually played has gone to three video games and they have actually just lost to HellRaisers and VP.Prodigy.

While CL have been coming out on top of those close series, OG have struggled to survive. N0tail and crew are a full series back of FlyToMoon and can’t pay for to drop another game if they desire to have an opportunity to make the playoffs.

Alliance and Ninjas in Pyjamas are tied for the third and 4th areas in Group B at 3-2 (8-5). To even catch that mark, OG will require to win out in their last 2 matches, which so happen to be versus those 2 groups.

If OG can sweep both Alliance and NiP to liquidate the group phase, all they will need is among the set to lose another video game to secure a journey to the playoffs. It does not seem likely that OG will have the ability to manage 2 2-0 triumphes with how they’ve been playing, particularly versus strong entertainers like Alliance and NiP. But hope isn’t lost for them yet.

If they lose even one game to either team, however, their possibilities of making the playoffs drop substantially and they’ll nearly assuredly sign up with Winstrike Group as one of the first two squads eliminated in their group.

CL only have one series left to bet FTM on May 31, which they can utilize to secure a spot in the upper bracket of the playoffs if they close things out with a win.