In the days that have followed since the Cubs trade of Yu Darvish and Victor Caratini, it’s been tough for the team’s fanbase to understand the why about their newest move.

Why now? Why in this manner? Why this return? And in his very first time speaking because the move, president Jed Hoyer tried to respond to those questions and lay out a course of action to get his team back to its goal of contending for champions.

” I believe we were pretty clear that we [had] to make some moves in this instructions,” Hoyer said. “You have a window of time with gamers and I think we have actually not had the ability to extend a great deal of these players to extend that window. That’s a fact. So with that, we know that we’re coming to the end of this group of players. An extremely successful franchise-changing run with this group of players, we’re coming to the end of that run.

” So as we come to the end of that, it’s really essential to think of the future. I believe there are lots of examples of teams who had the ability to have a small reset or to make a relocation in that instructions that it really assisted them.”

The Cubs showed they weren’t afraid to make the huge move after trading their ace and without any untouchables on the lineup, there might be more moves coming quickly. Hoyer stated the team has actually gotten contact practically every player on the roster, although nothing appears imminent.

And while the group is open for business, moving the remaining three years and $59 million from Darvish’s agreement provides the team with income relief for the very first time in years.

As the Sun-Times reported earlier this week, getting under the luxury tax was a concern for the Cubs, who had actually paid the luxury tax each of the past two seasons, incurring a 12% repeater penalty last season.

While that versatility does not mean the Cubs will be swimming in the deep end of the pool, there might be an opportunity to get imaginative in a free-agent market that may swing back toward them if the market stays frozen.

” I think we’re gon na be in the free-agent market, and we’re gon na seek to supplement the group,” Hoyer stated. “We’re talking with representatives and wanting to do that right now. We understand that there are holes on our roster that we require to address, and we’ll look to address them.

” I’m not going to sit here and say that we’re not going to make any more trades. If trades make good sense to make then we will do them. Those deals are gon na be finished with an eye on the future. If we do them, they would not be about cost cutting. I think we understand, we need to add players through free agency, and we’ll be taking a look at that.”

Despite their latest relocation and a clear decision to reset, Hoyer still believes the team can complete in the National League Central and as crazy as it may sound for a group that just traded their best starting pitcher, it’s not out of the world of possibility.

While the division is there for the taking, apparently no team wants to take the NL Central crown, which may in turn assist the Cubs attain that goal in a department where 85 wins may suffice to win it. However after the last 6 years of completing for titles, contending for division titles alone is a genuine change.

” I like the reality that we have actually raised that requirement here,” Hoyer said.

” I’m still actually happy of the reality that we were able to win the department. We had the ability to go through a truly challenging 2020 and have no favorable tests and come together as a group and win a department. I do feel like that’s a nice secondary goal. I do desire to return to a place where we can enter the playoffs and understand that either we’re the favorite or a team that we can absolutely win the World Series if the right things go right.”