Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has got another upgrade today, which – as is typically the case – brings a smattering of different gameplay, map, and other various modifications to Valve’s FPS video game. The current spot, though, especially includes a bunch of tweaks to CS: GO’s Apollo map, consisting of a repair for some missteps triggered by the multiplayer video game’s newest update.

It’s not detailed in the new CS: GO update notes what these problems were, exactly, but it’s always good to see troubles presented get gotten and straightened out quickly (the newest spot having gone live a fortnight back). Other modifications to the fan-made captive rescue map, which includes in CS: GO’s current growth Operation Broken Fang, consist of making glass breaking “more consistent”, changing and realigning some textures that weren’t rather right, and deleting an “distressing bench”.

In addition, the upgrade’s Apollo fixes include fixing “some gun stuck spots” and increase areas, getting rid of cans that some players misinterpreted for smoke grenades, reducing possessions in giftspot, and – lastly – “other basic optimisations for lower end computers”.

It’s not simply Apollo that gets some attention this update, either – the latest spot also includes some main video game servers to Argentina and fixes the settings search UI for non-Latin languages.

You can examine out the complete notes below if you’re keen for the comprehensive rundown (through Valve):.