As one of the most significant and best Steam games, it’s not a surprise that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has a successful community workshop scene, with oodles of fan-made maps and skins to experiment with. Occasionally, nevertheless, something actually impressive hits the FPS game’s workshop, such as a brand-new customized Inferno objective map that works in procedural generation – significance, there are “10s of millions” of map variations, according to its maker.

Orel’s ‘Aim Rogue Inferno’ procedurally created map offers a new layout each round, made up of components in the design of CS: GO’s Inferno map. According to a clip showcasing the map (listed below), it includes 3 types of map generation – in proportion, half-symmetrical, and non-symmetrical – as well as support for custom seeds, complete customisability, and map variations into the tens of millions.

To try, the creator explains on the map’s Steam workshop page, all you have to do is walk into a ‘start’ location and wait for the map generation to do its thing. As you can see in the clip, it looks like the map isn’t huge in scale – but it’s pretty big in scope.

Given it’s an objective map, Objective Rogue Inferno could be a huge aid as a platform for players to ideal their CS: GO sharpshooting due to the fact that of the replayability provided by the procedural generation’s randomness. Variations to layout might keep gamers on their toes, not understanding where everything will be in its layout each time.