A number of VAC prohibited gamers are still contending at an expert level.

Valve Anti-Cheat, likewise called VAC is an automated system that finds cheats on a user’s computer and completely prohibits them from official servers. Expert players who are VAC prohibited can not play in Valve performed tournaments. These bans are likewise equivalent to a two-year restriction from Electronic Sports League(ESL).

The most current and infamous incident of an Indian gamer Forsaken, being banned in a 2018 Asian CS: GO competition is a burning example of how VAC works. Group Optic India rifler Forsaken was caught during the competition and was discovered guilty. Nevertheless, there are some gamers who have actually continued to play CS: GO even after a VAC ban. The majority of these players are limited to play in Valve tournaments as per company’s policy, however they are active professional players.

Professional gamer v$m bets DETONA Gaming which is a Brazilian organisation funded by funky singer Perera Dj. V$ m was handed a VAC ban on his account in 2012-13. However, this was undetected by Valve for a very long time. Eventually a VAC prohibited account associated with the Brazilian was caught by Valve in 2018. After additional examination they disallowed the 20-year-old to enter any Valve conducted tournaments. However, he continues to bet DETONA as an entry fragging rifler.

Expert gamer Jamppi from Finland is a distinct player in this list. At first he was picked by OG as their fifth member, however soon Valve launched a declaration saying the 18-year-old had a steam account connected with VAC restriction. The deal was over for Jamppi as they barred him from getting in any competitions performed by Valve. However, in April 2020, popular group ENCE approached him to have fun with them in all other tournaments other than the majors and qualifiers.

Russian professional gamer tr3vl received a VAC ban in November 2018, following which he might not participate in any Valve tournament. However, he is now playing with Russian group HOLLYWOOD and has actually competed in a number of non-Valve competitions as a rifler for his team. QIWI Teamplay Season 3 being among the last occasions he took part in.

Linus “b0bbzki” Lundqvist is a Swedish gamer who also has a VAC ban to his name. In 2017, b0bbzki played with Group Singularity’s main group. Based on the details, It is not clear when he got the ban. However, he is actively betting Group Singularity SE. He last played in BirdieLAN 29 offline competition in June 2019.

Swedish expert player Sayf is an In-Game Leader(IGL) and rifler. He has played for teams like Wyvern eSports, Fightclub and Team Singularity. The 19-year-old has a VAC restriction to his name, though it is not clear when the restriction was provided. He continues to play actively as a professional CS: GO player for group Fightclub. Svenska Elitserien Spring 2020 being his last played occasion.