Beyond the Top, a standard organizer for Dota 2 tournaments, will host the second Regional Major Ranking CS: GO competition in Europe and North America with cs_summit six, the business revealed today.

The second RMR occasion will offer the second-most points, 25 percent more than ESL One: Road to Rio, which was the first RMR competition. Cs_summit 6 will also include a combined $200,000 reward swimming pool for the two areas.

Cs_summit 6 will be played online due to the coronavirus pandemic from June 22 to July 5. It’ll start instantly after the BLAST Premier Spring Europe Finals and prior to the players’ break, which will occur in between July 6 and Aug. 6.

This will be the first CS: GO competition that Beyond the Top will host considering that cs_summit five in December 2019. The previous events were understood for their casual environment. All of the groups collected in one home in Los Angeles and the players used to take part in a casting sofa.

But cs_summit 6 will be Beyond the Top’s crucial CS: GO tournament since it’ll be its first cooperation with Valve in Counter-Strike. It’s unknown how many groups will take part, but it’ll be much more than what cs_summit has kept in the past.

” We’re delighted to announce the first summer RMR events in NA and EU, hosted by Beyond the Top from June 22nd to July 5th,” the main CS: GO Twitter account stated. “While we plan to have a full RMR series in the fall, there will not be summer RMR occasions for the SA or OCE regions.”

Here are the RMR standings for Europe and North America. It’s expected that Valve will utilize these as one of the elements in picking individuals for cs_summit six RMR.

With cs_summit six hosting the second RMR competition for Europe and The United States And Canada, there will likely be one or 2 more tournament organizers associated with the summertime RMR series for areas such as CIS and Asia. That ‘d be different than ESL One: Roadway to Rio, which featured all of the areas.