Valve enhanced gamer presence in Counter-Strike’s most current patch, but it appears like the designers have actually gone an action too far.

With the addition of the brand-new Increase Player Contrast choice, contributed to CS: GO on Wednesday, June 11, gamers have actually experienced mysterious wallhacks.

When intending through particular barriers, props, or objects, faint details of enemy gamers have appeared. It’s an unusual occurrence and it can be hard to make out in many scenarios, but it’s just enough to develop an unreasonable benefit.

The particular reasons for this bug are unidentified and have yet to be attended to by Valve, but it’s practically certainly connected to the new upgrade.

Increase Gamer Contrast, discovered in the video settings and applied by default, improves character readability throughout all maps and locations. With an unique post-process filter, it helps characters stand apart from the background. Fogging on characters has likewise been reduced, targeting presence at fars away.

The patch has been well received, with Valve seeing appreciation from the neighborhood, however it may require a couple of adjustments. Thankfully, the developers usually take speedy action in scenarios like this and are quick to fix the video game. In the meantime, it might be an excellent concept to prevent ranked altogether.