Players who detach or leave will no longer be changed by bots; see the complete patch notes here.

The latest upgrade for Valve’s incredibly popular free-to-play shooter CS: GO has gotten here, and among the most significant changes relates to a function that has been removed.

The spot keeps in mind state that, when a gamer detaches or is kicked from a traditional competitive or wingman mode match, a bot will no longer replace them. Needs to the whole team disappear, a single bot will be spawned in for the other team and remain idle.

Valve provided no rationale for why it made this decision to remove bots. The appeal of bots was that, ought to a colleague get disconnected for any factor, the squad would still have a combating possibility instead of being forced to play one group member down.

Elsewhere, the January 7 CS: GO patch fixes numerous exploits and concerns with a handful of maps, while some modifications have actually been made to the video game’s ping system. Particularly, pings will no longer highlight weapons in competitive matches.

You can see the full patch notes below, as put together by Valve and published on the game’s site.

CS: GO is by far the most popular game on Steam. The newest data programs that the shooter had more than 1 million concurrent users by the most current count.