Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s bots have been gotten rid of from the video game’s most important mode.

In the spot notes for the most current update, Valve described that bots will no longer be offered in Classic Competitive, triggering a bemused protest from players.

In a post on the CS: GO blog site, Valve said that “when a gamer disconnects or is started timeless competitive and wingman modes, they will no longer be replaced by a bot.” If an entire team leaves, then a single bot will appear, however it will just stand in generate, idling.

Up until now, bots were utilized as stand-ins for human players. If a gamer detached for a factor, they would be changed by an AI that the remaining players might provide instructions to (although the bot would not constantly listen to those commands). If a gamer passed away while the bot was still alive, they would be able to take control of complete control of the bot till completion of the round.

While not a perfect system, it kept groups somewhat even in case of an accidental detach. Now, however, players will be forced to play 4v5 till their teammate returns.

It’s unclear why Valve has decided to eliminate bots from the game. Discussions on the CS: GO subreddit suggest that it could be a way to limit the impact of cheaters, who could play aggressively understanding they ‘d have a back-up if they died, or to avoid groups from kicking an underperforming gamer and relying on the bot as a second life. While some users indicate that the latter reason is a particular issue at higher levels, others declare that in countless games, they have actually seen gamers deliberately kicked only a handful of times. Numerous others are puzzled by the change, asking who Valve is trying to attract by eliminating a means of keeping competitive games balanced even if players gave up.

Somewhere else on the subreddit, gamers are paying homage to the bots, with one thread sharing instances of AI pulling off heroic video game- or match-winning plays, in addition to times when bots were somewhat less than handy.