Today’s upgrade to CS: GO has improved the unreliability of Grenades after a number of gamers experienced odd explosive damage.

Although this upgrade was relatively little, this fix means that players will not have to stress over whether their Grenades will deal the ideal quantity of damage. Formerly, on celebration, grenades would deal very little or no damage if they exploded around small things like stairs.

This form of “stair logic,” as the neighborhood called it, has been around for many years in CS: GO. 4 years earlier, one CS: GO player showed his Grenade dealing zero damage to opponent Terrorists basing on the ramp on Mirage. Because there are stairs causing the edge of the ramp, the Grenade dealt no damage.

This isn’t all, however, according to Valve.

” Captives will now no longer obscure flashbang traces, permitting players behind them to be blinded,” Valve said. “Players that begin the round with a taser and no handgun no longer have their taser deleted, and rechargeable tasers are now charged at round start.”

There haven’t been any modifications to the maps regardless of some players calling for Mirage to be revamped. Others desire the new Cobblestone to be added back into the Active service map pool, too.