CS: GO Replay Controls have actually been around for quite a long time, however they are still proving to be a battle to utilize. Here is a fast guide on what they are and how they work.

CS: GO has actually been around for about eight years now and while the game still has a really extensive following, there are a couple of littles Valve’s popular FPS that verge on being antiquated in style. Among these being the video replay manages that are expected to allow players to re-watch their old games so that they can clip funny minutes or to evaluate their specific efficiencies.

The Demo mode, as it is officially called, looks about as old as Counter-Strike itself to the average joe it can look a little like a little bit of an inconvenience to manage. However, we will try our finest to discuss how to use it.

To access the Demo mode you initially need to pull up the command console in the game. Once there simply type “demoui” into the text box and the Replay user interface ought to appear on your screen. You can likewise do this by pressing Shift and F2 on your keyboard, as displayed in the video clip above. As soon as the dashboard has actually appeared on your screen you can experiment with any of your pre-recorded video footage that you conserved from a previous video game.

And there you have it, whatever you require to learn about how to access the replay controls in CS: GO. Run wild to your hearts content.