Valve’s ever-popular competitive first-person shooter – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive aka CS: GO – might be getting a good performance uplift soon on Linux when using OpenGL. A few days back an AMD engineer had actually asked for the enablement of OpenGL multi-threading for CS: GO which was accepted today (through Phoronix). For this reason, with the next Mesa 21.0 upgrade onwards, the “mesa_glthread=real” worth will be enabled by default utilizing the RadeonSI Gallium3D driver.

OpenGL threading has usually been seen to enhance the efficiency in applications such as video games, even when running on emulators. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is known to be one of the most single-threaded video games out there and while the current performance of CS: GO on Linux utilizing OpenGL seems currently quite great, a future update with this could potentially enhance that by a decent margin. This will certainly be invited by CS players as the frame count is never ever enough for competitive e-sports gamers.

On top of that, the brand-new spot also appears to include a workaround for possible rendering corruption mistakes in the video game by allowing the “clamp_div_by_zero” option. This is not to be confused with a previous Absolutely no VRAM spot which also repaired another graphics corruption problem in CS: GO, to name a few games.