Counter-Striker: Global Offensive continues to blaze a trail with respect to the combined prize swimming pool awarded to gamers in 2020. The popular esports title has awarded the highest reward pool this year, a reported $11 million throughout 406 competitions. Flashpoint 1 had the greatest reward pool of any tournament, using $1 million to the participating teams. Counter-Striker Flashpoint 2 aims to continue the pattern, offering the exact same reward swimming pool for its upcoming tournament.

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Flashpoint, owned by B Site inc, announced the second edition of the popular tournament on Thursday, which will feature a total of 12 teams competing for the top reward. CS: GO Flashpoint 2 will be played in between November 10 and December 6. Featuring a few of the very best CS: GO teams, the competition will be divided into group play, playoffs and grand last. Information regarding Flashpoint 2 format will be exposed in the approaching days.

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The 12-team competition will make up of teams from the inaugural edition – Gen.G, Cloud9, c0ntact, Dignitas, Team Envy, MAD Lions and MIBR. They will be signed up with by brand-new entrants in BIG, OG, Fnatic, forZe eSports and BIG, OG and Fnatic got direct invites, while the latter two won qualifiers for their welcomes.

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Similar to the previous edition, the winner of the tournament will take home the lion’s share of the reward swimming pool – $500,000. The champions of Flashpoint 2 will also win the AK-47 Trophy. The group completing second will win $250,000 while $100,000 will be granted to the third-placed group. The remaining reward cash will be dispersed among teams ending up in the leading eight.

Flashpoint Season 1 was played in between March 13 and 19 April. Unlike the second edition, which will be an online-only event, Season 1 was hosted from FACEIT Studio in Los Angeles. MAD Lions defeated MIBR 2-1 in the Grand Final in April to claim the leading reward. Online viewership for Flashpoint 1 recorded over 7 million hours viewed; the finals drew the highest viewership of over 270,000 concurrent viewers.