Brazilian Counters-Strike: Global Offensive fans continue their streak as the dominant fandom for the video game’s esports broadcasts with the Portuguese stream of the current BLAST occasion, when again surpassing the primary broadcast.

The reign of Pokémon is over, or at least decreased for a week. The current weekend of competition in the BLAST Premier Series pressed two channels above Maximilian “Trymacs” Alexander Curt Stemmler. Stemmler had declared second place in the previous two weeks with his focus on Pokémon unboxing.

A drop in his viewership integrated with the surging CS: GO esports usage pushed Stemmler down to fourth location for the week, with the Brazilian BLAST broadcast channel posting nearly 4M hours viewed.

In addition to a dip for the top Pokémon unboxer, the Just Chatting classification fell listed below 60M hours watched. The Top 10 on the content side stays largely in a firm status quo conserve for a notable exception– GTA V surpassed League of Legends to claim 2nd place.

LoL’s position as the No, 2 category has been nearly as firm as Just Chatting’s at No. 1, however GTA has actually shown consistent in its defiance of recognized patterns. The game offers a Minecraft-esque sandbox for an adult audience, making it ideal for Twitch streamers to establish collective content together much in the very same way Amongst Us and RUST have actually served them before.