After 2 years, SK Video gaming’s previous AD carry Crownshot has actually revealed that he wasn’t able to discover a new organization during this totally free agency duration, and will not be competing in the LEC or LCS for the upcoming 2021 Spring Split.

The 22-year old marksman revealed the news this previous evening, after several teams unveiled their rosters for the upcoming year. SK was among those teams, having actually replaced Crownshot with former Misfits Premier ADC Jezu.

These previous couple of seasons haven’t been too effective for Crownshot and SK Gaming, with the group hovering around as a mid-tier team in the LEC. They could not appear to break into the true contender discussion, considering that they constantly finished the regular season as a fringe playoff group that would be quickly gotten rid of in the preliminary of the postseason.

Although his group wasn’t too outstanding, Crownshot remained as one of the more constant members of SK’s lineup. According to Oracle’s Elixir, he had the fourth-most eliminates in his role and some excellent early laning statistics this previous Summer season Split.

Several members of the European League of Legends scene agree that Crownie has shown himself as an LEC skill, including EU caster Andy “Vedius” Day. It is unusual to see that a person of the LEC’s much better bottom lane talents wasn’t able to discover himself an area on a starting lineup, but maybe he’ll have the ability to flaunt his skills in among the European Regional Leagues.